Fortunes Told
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Tarot Forecast


       Find out what the future holds for YOU!

Your Tarot Forecast, or Tarotscope, if you prefer, is written for the month that you were born.  It is done using Tarot card spreads for each month.

Here's your current forecast.

It's a great time to assess your life and make a list of changes.  Prioritize and consider if it's "do-able", or if it needs to be broken down into more manageable segments.

Fun is what makes you feel good, so do what you can to have as much fun as you can.  You might be surprised to find how it makes the mundane fall more easily into place.

There's a restless wind knocking you about.  It's urging you to change things up; getting organized instead of being overwhelmed.  A professional organizer might be just the key right now.

So many things to do and so little time to accomplish them?  You CAN do them all if you want, but you don't have to do them all at once.  One step at a time.  Think about what you want to do first, and then proceed.  You'll find that it really is more fun that way.

Time to let go of some of those old grudges and start anew.  If you're having difficulty shaking them, then re-examine them.  Times have changed.  So have you, the circumstances and the people involved.  Are your past grudges still truly serving you?  What is their expiration date?

Sprucing up your abode will do you a world of good.  You'll feel happier, more centered, and your loved ones will appreciate it.  It will make your heart sing.

If you're looking for a new love interest, start feeling loveable.  The vibe you put out, is the one that's returning to you.  Make a list of your most loveable characteristics and watch what happens!  The results may astound you!

Travel on your brain?  Where do you want to go this time?!  Write down your wish list and experience it with all of your being!  Bon Voyage!

The old friends and/or family that you've been thinking about, would love to hear from you!  Re-connect!  It will do you all a world of good.  Mis-communications are a thing of the past.

Nostalgic for an old love?  Do your homework BEFORE you make the connection.  You don't really want to be a home wrecker.

Work bodes well for you now.  If you've been dying to try some new things, this is the time to give them a go!  Enjoy the results!

A new job is available if you want it.  It may be exactly what you were looking for, or it might be something completely unexpected.  Regardless, it will be a perfect fit, so enjoy the ride!